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Las Vegas Dog Bite Lawyer: Getting Compensation

Dog Bite

Dog bites should not be taken lightly. It’s a terrifying experience that could leave you scarred, both physically and mentally. Some injuries are mild and the dog bite marks will go away over time, but some linger and in the worst cases, stay with you for life. Dog bites on faces and hands are the most severe and usually the longest. If a dog has bitten you, immediately seek medical care and then contact a Las Vegas dog bite lawyer as quickly as possible.

Types of Permanent Injuries from Dog Bites

Receiving medical treatment immediately after a dog bite may help to lessen the extent of injury. Still, it may lead to serious and disabling issues. Minor bites by puppies or smaller dogs may not cause lasting injuries and just require stitching and medication. However, if you are bitten by a large dog, it could have a severe impact on the rest of your life. Permanent injuries from dog attacks are listed below:

Hand and Wrist Dysfunction

Our hands are made of several delicate bones that may receive a serious injury after a dog bite. The bones can be broken and may not recover properly. Soft tissue and nerve injuries in your hands and wrists could seriously affect their normal functions. Some professions require the use of hands more than others do. Any serious hand and wrist injury inflicted by a dog bite can permanently end your career.


Children are more vulnerable to disfigurement from dog bites. A serious dog attack may leave intensive scars that might not fade away after treatment. Facial disfigurement could be life changing, especially if it happens in children and young adults. It causes heavy psychological damage to the victims. Sometimes, plastic surgery is done for recovery but it is expensive.


Child victims are often most affected by dog bites. They are small and more vulnerable to dog attacks. Sometimes, the damaged part needs to be amputated to save the victim’s life. The person will have to adjust himself/herself to a new way of doing daily tasks and it will take time. Furthermore, the physical and psychological pain the victim undergoes during the relearning period is beyond words.

Psychological Stress

Though this problem is rarely highlighted, a severe dog bite may also cause emotional disturbances. Some victims develop an emotional disorder, called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It could be as disabling and damaging as any serious physical dog bite injury. In most cases, psychological problems are too complicated to cure easily.

You can see the extent of a dog bite injury on one’s physical and psychological health. It is a traumatic event that may exert pressure on all fronts. You deserve compensation for your injury, mental suffering, medical bills and other issues that have emanated from a dog bite.

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