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Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas


The CDC states that approximately 97.9 million emergency room visits occur each year due to accidental injuries. These events can stem from events like slips, falls, accidental poisoning, or animal bites. Although sometimes no one is at fault, many of these instances are typically preventable. If so, then why do they occur? Usually, it’s because someone was negligent. In these cases, it may help to have a personal injury lawyer by your side. If you’re wondering if a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas is worth your time, you’re smart to question the need. This article might be helpful in making a decision.

What are the Benefits to Having a Personal Injury Attorney?

Statistics from the US government indicate that only 5% of personal injury cases make it to trial. Rather, about 95% of personal injury cases are settled before going to trial. For an injured person to receive compensation, it’s essential for them to get the best legal representation, even before going to trial.

Having a personal injury attorney helps to:

  • Navigate the legal system.
  • Improve your chances of better compensation.
  • Speed up the process.

Let’s take a closer look at why having a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas is worth it.

Filing a claim against another party who you feel is negligent isn’t as easy as it may seem. Federal and state personal injury laws are complex and convoluted, and every state has a different set of laws to operate from. In addition, laws often change, requiring you to reevaluate personal injury laws, even if you have had experience filing a personal injury claim. Fighting the law without an intimate knowledge of the law puts you at a significant disadvantage. With a personal injury attorney, however, you stand a better chance of being successful.

Better Compensation

To obtain adequate compensation, you need to know what you’re entitled to receive. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of all the categories and types of damages that apply to their situation. Very often, personal injury cases may claim different types of damages, like economic damage, emotional damage, and punitive damage. Without the knowledge and experience of an attorney, you might lose out on significant sums of money.

Speed Up the Process

With every claim comes paperwork and due dates. Having a personal injury attorney to follow up on documents, make inquiries, and carry out communication helps to keep things on track and speed up the process. Managing your own claim is a time consuming process, and delays can impact the outcome of your case. When you have the assistance of a personal injury attorney, someone is there to push documents through and facilitate the process.

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You’re probably looking to file a claim because an event caused you or a loved one harm. If so, hiring a personal injury attorney allows you to let someone else worry about the legal process — giving you the space to heal from the injury. Are you searching for an experienced personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas? Contact us at Ace Lakhani Law Firm and let us show how we can help your claim.


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