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Dog Bites in Nevada


Injuries from dog bites have physical and emotional implications. Medical bills for treatment can be thousands of dollars. For dog bites in Nevada, owners are liable for damages if the animal is considered “dangerous” or “vicious,” or if the owner has been negligent. You’ll need to prove this in order to be compensated. We at Ace Lakhani Law Firm are well versed in the legal implications of dog bites and can help you navigate this difficult time.

What’s the dog bite law in Nevada?

Many places have a statewide statutes dictating that the owner is responsible for any damage their pet causes. However, Nevada does not. In general, the state follows the “one bite rule.” This means that unless the owner was negligent, they are not liable for damages the first time their dog bites someone. City ordinances may have more strict rules in some areas.

What are “dangerous” and “vicious” dogs?

In most places in Nevada, dog owners must report bites to either the county Health Officer or Animal Control Officer. If a second incident occurs in 18 months the dog is legally considered dangerous. If the behavior continues or the dog kills or substantially injures someone, they are deemed vicious. Owning or transferring ownership of a vicious dog is a misdemeanor, and if the dog causes another injury, it’s a class D felony.

What is dog owner negligence?

Regardless of the animal’s prior behavior, an owner can be liable for damages if they were proved to be negligent. The owner is automatically negligent in some situations. For example, an owner is liable for bites that occur when a dog is roaming in an on-leash area.

What defenses do dog owners have?

There are a few ways a dog owner might defend themselves or their ownership of a vicious dog. If the dog was acting in self-defense the owner won’t be liable. It’s possible that the owner could not have known the animal was classified as vicious also. As with most cases, a lack of evidence can also bring things to a close.

What compensation could I get?

The amount of compensation depends on a lot of factors and varies from case to case. Victims can be compensated for their medical bills, pain and suffering, medications, counseling, loss of earnings, damaged belongings, and future disability.

What should I do if I’m bitten?

If you have suffered from dog bites in Nevada, immediately seek medical attention for the injuries. Take pictures of your injuries and any damage to your belongings such as torn clothes. Alert the owner of the animal and exchange contact information. Ask about the dog’s vaccination status if possible. File a report with animal control and/or law enforcement. Finally, call our firm. We specialize in dog bite laws in Nevada and are here to help you win your case.


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