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One Bite Rule in Las Vegas

Dog Bite

The “one bite rule,” as it is generally called, is followed by Nevada law. This means that in Nevada, dog owners are typically not liable if their dog bites someone for the first time after never biting anyone before unless they were negligent. Nevertheless, depending on whether the dog is deemed “vicious” or “dangerous” after biting someone, owners might be held responsible for the resulting damages.

Risky Dogs in Nevada

Dangerous canines are those who have displayed aggressive behavior against humans:

  • Twice in the past 18 months
  • Without being motivated by suffering or misery
  • While the dog is “at large” or unrestrained

Owners of dangerous pets must abide by all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Getting permission from the animal regulation officer, keeping the dog under strict control, neutering, and keeping a minimum $50,000 liability insurance policy are a few of these requirements.

If a dangerous dog bites someone again and the owner does not abide by the laws, they may be held financially responsible. Even if no one is wounded, the owners still face criminal prosecution for breaking the law.

Aggressive Dogs in Nevada

Those who define vicious canines as having:

  • acted dangerously even after being labeled as “dangerous”
  • led a person to suffer severe physical damage or death

If the dog caused the victim’s death, the victim’s estate or the dog’s owner may be held legally accountable. If the dog owner keeps a dangerous dog, they could also be charged with a crime.

It should be noted that a dog cannot automatically be labeled as violent or dangerous only because of its breed or if it protected its owner or keeper from either:

  • a person who was violating the owner’s or keeper’s rights, or who attempted to do so
  • a person or another animal who was uninvited on the property owner’s land
  • a person or another pet that alarmed the canine
  • Another animal that was either out of control or otherwise not in compliance with animal laws

Nevada Dog Owner Negligence

Dog owners may be held civilly liable to dog bite victims even if their dog has never bitten anybody before if the owner was careless. Failure to take reasonable measures in the circumstances constitutes negligence. Negligence specifically comprises four components:

  • The accused owes the public a duty of care;
  • The defendant violated this obligation;
  • The plaintiff suffered harm as a result of this breach; and
  • Damages resulted from the harm.

An example would be letting a pit bull play with an infant unattended. Even if the pit bull has never bitten anyone before, the owner may be held responsible for the baby’s injuries if the animal causes them.

The owner is automatically negligent if a dog bites someone while the owner is breaking animal control regulations; this is known as negligence per se.

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