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Road congestion and motorway gridlock may engender rage and irritation, as Nevadan drivers are all too familiar with. Sometimes that annoyance turns into driving fury. Brake-checking, where a driver deliberately slams on the brakes so suddenly that the car behind them is unable to stop in time, is a prevalent type of violence on the …

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Believe it or not, car accidents happen all the time. It’s important to remember that, as many people tend to think that it will never happen to them. Then they quickly find out other things that aren’t so pleasant. And all these things leave them to the conclusion that hiring a car accident lawyer isn’t …

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In 2020, 42,060 people died in car accidents in the US. This is up from 36,096 in 2019, indicating a noticeable increase in car accidents in general across the country. Other statistics show, car accidents permanently injure roughly two million drivers and the ones that do walk away often suffer significant financial pain and suffering. …

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With the population in Las Vegas rapidly growing, car accidents are becoming more and more common every day. Things can get especially dangerous near the Strip where the roads are tighter and more congested. When you’ve been in a car accident, there are important things you should consider to protect yourself. It’s difficult to think …

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Millions of Americans take to the roads every day to get to work, school, and other locations. Oftentimes those destinations may not be reached because dangerous conditions prevent safe driving. Human error is generally the cause of car accidents. Has another driver’s distracted driving resulted in an injury to you or a loved one? You …

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Nevada drivers know all too well that congested roads and freeway traffic jams can lead to anger and frustration. Every now and then that frustration leads to road rage. One common form of aggression on the roadways is brake-checking, where a driver purposefully slams on the brakes so suddenly that the car behind them can’t …

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