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Slip and Fall Lawyer: When do you need one?

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Lawsuits surrounding accidents on other people’s property are generally called premises liability lawsuits. It can be difficult to discern exactly what might fall into this category, and if it is worth fighting for compensation. These lawsuits cover a wide range of cases with one of the most common being trips and falls. In these instances, victims must show that they were injured as a result of a harmful condition on the property. Victims must also show that property owners were aware of the dangerous state or should have been aware of it, and negligently failed to rectify the problem or give adequate warnings. Victims may find it difficult to win trip and fall lawsuits due to the knowing aspect. An experienced slip and fall lawyer that knows how to investigate and litigate premise liability lawsuits in Las Vegas, NV is necessary for these cases.

What Kind of Proof Is Useful?

If a victim provides evidence of the property owner’s negligence, he or she has a stronger probability of winning an injury case. Accidents involving trips and falls can happen in a variety of places, including private homes, commercial properties, private enterprises, and public structures. Some environments provide greater proof than others. Eyewitness testimony, medical records, and images of the scene are common examples of evidence. Video surveillance systems are installed on some properties. Many commercial properties have maintenance and custodial workers, which implies maintenance records are frequently kept. This evidence can be used by a trip and fall lawyer to prove negligence.

What Does It Take to Prove Negligence?

A victim needs quality evidence to win their case in Nevada. Cases involving trips and falls are fact-specific. If a victim cannot show how long the hazardous condition existed or that the owner was aware of it, the victim’s prospects of winning are diminished. Eyewitness testimony is valuable because it allows witnesses to describe the dangerous state and how long it lasted. Photographs can show the obvious nature of a dangerous situation. Video might be used to prove how long a dangerous condition existed on the property. The frequency with which maintenance is conducted, or is not completed, is documented in maintenance records and would also be useful.

How Can Evidence Assist in Overcoming Legal Defenses?

Lack of information or the fact that the condition would not have been identified during a routine inspection are common defenses used by property owners. These defenses can be overturned if evidence of the property owner’s negligence is presented. If surveillance footage, photographs, eyewitness testimony, or maintenance records show that a dangerous condition existed for a long time, it is more difficult for property owners to claim ignorance. This evidence can also show the evident nature of the harmful state, defeating the position that it would not have been discovered if it had not been detected.

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