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DUI Compensation in Las Vegas

Drunk Driving

Everybody finds the idea of a drunk driving accident terrifying. Numerous Americans die as a result of drunk driving every year. Accidents continue to happen despite these alarming numbers, laws against drunk driving, and severe punishments. These victims deserve DUI compensation.

The problem of drunk driving is particularly concerning for Las Vegas residents. Our largest industry, tourism, is responsible for many of these tragedies.

We frequently speculate on the potential punishment for the intoxicated driver when we learn about these events. Punishing a drunk driver won’t make up for the victims’ or their families’ injuries, which are frequently serious and expensive to treat.

The only way to obtain damages is through a civil claim, such as an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. When the other driver is inebriated, it may appear easier to prove your case, but it can be difficult to assess the whole value of your claim and negotiate a fair payment. Find out more about the benefits of engaging a personal injury attorney for your case involving drunk driving.

Criminal Claims vs. Personal Injury Claims

As in other states, driving while intoxicated is illegal in Nevada. For instance, if you have never been convicted of DUI, you may receive a punishment of six months of probation and alcohol education classes.

If your blood alcohol level is between.10 and.159, the penalties go up. A first-time offender, for instance, could be sentenced to up to six months in jail, a $5,000 fine, and a one-year license suspension.

Nevada’s DUI laws impose punishments but do not provide for victim compensation. Only a judge has the authority to order a drunk driver to compensate a victim. If the judge imposes restitution, your medical expenses, missed wages, and property damage may be compensated. Non-economic damages, such as discomfort or diminished quality of life, cannot be compensated.

This emphasizes a crucial contrast between criminal and personal harm claims. Using a criminal claim, one might establish guilt or innocence. A person might receive punishment if they are proven guilty.

However, the purpose of a personal injury claim is to establish liability for another person’s injuries and to get financial compensation to aid the victim in recovering.

Why Use a Lawyer?

It might be challenging to establish a connection between negligence, an accident, and injuries. One of the reasons you should engage a lawyer is because of this.

A good lawyer should also be ready to litigate your case if necessary. Insurance companies settle the majority of auto accident cases. However, if your attorney isn’t prepared for trial, the insurance company will profit from it. If they believe your lawyer is not well-prepared, they might be less ready to make concessions.

At Ace Lakhani Law Firm, our professionals are aware of how accidents might affect your finances. Victims may need ongoing care as well as compensation for psychological and/or emotional harm. We have the tools necessary to thoroughly examine your accident and injuries in order to determine your past and projected losses.

While drunk drivers may be charged criminally, our attorneys want them to be charged civilly as well.

Were you a victim of drunk driving? We Can Aid

Our lawyers are aware of the devastation that accidents caused by drunk driving may cause to victims and their families. We are aware of how crucial DUI compensation is for victims looking for closure.

Make sure to get in touch with Ace Lakhani Law Firm to start talking about your legal possibilities following a drunk driving accident!


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