Ibeth Calvillo is the Director of Case Management at the Ace Lakhani Law Firm. Ibeth is a native of Las Vegas and this city is her home. As Director of Case Management, Ibeth handles all aspects that go into handling an auto accident case. She assists our clients throughout the entire process following an accident and makes it effortless for them.

Ibeth is no stranger to customer service. What makes Ibeth so terrific at her job is her ability to relate to the clients and make them feel like family. Ibeth understands what clients have to deal with following an accident and makes the process a breeze for them, especially having to have gone through the process with an auto accident she was involved within her lifetime.

What makes Ibeth so amazing at her job is that she is non-stop. She is constantly working for our clients and is on top of every case she handles. Nothing ever gets by her and there is no problem she has not encountered yet. Her knowledge and skills are why her clients love her so much. Ibeth is also fluent in Spanish.

In her spare time, Ibeth spends time with her two little boys, Anthony and Angel. When she is not at the Ace Lakhani Law Firm, you will catch her tending to her garden at home. Ibeth loves gardening. Just like the rest of the staff at the Ace Lakhani Law Firm, Ibeth loves taking walks with her dog, Ernesto (“Ernie”).

As a single mother, Ibeth understands the importance of being with family, which is why she does all she can for her clients so they can focus on spending more time with their families and not with the hassles that can accompany an accident.

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