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Truck Accident Mistakes That Can Be Avoided

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The idea of getting into a trucking accident can be very scary, and it’s something that no one wants to think about happening to them. Even so, this does not mean it is impossible, and it’s something that can be helpful to be prepared for. You probably haven’t considered how what you do or don’t do immediately after an accident can have long-term implications. What you do immediately after the accident matters, as does what you do in the days and weeks that follow. Contact Ace Lakhani to seek the compensation you deserve after a truck accident.

Avoiding Contact With The Other Driver Or The Police

No matter how afraid or upset you are, you must seek medical attention, exchange contact information with the other driver, and report the collision to the police. Leaving the site of an accident is a criminal offense.

Admitting Fault in the Accident

If you are in an accident, call the cops, but don’t say anything that could lead an insurance company or a court to blame you. Just describe the events leading up to the disaster. When reporting an accident to your insurance company, make it brief and simple. In the weeks following the accident, you may receive calls from insurance adjusters seeking additional information. If you intend to sue, simply provide the insurance adjuster your lawyer’s contact information and ask them to contact your lawyer. Ace Lakhani Law Firm normally sends a “letter of representation” to the insurance company, telling them that we represent our client. Even if you don’t, your truck accident lawyer will know what to say (or not say) to the insurance adjusters.

Not Collecting Evidence at the Scene of the Accident

Take as many photos and videos as you can at the scene of the accident. Inspect your car and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Take note of the other driver’s plate. Photograph any noticeable injuries. Take a panoramic video of the road or crossroads where you were driving right before the collision. Your lawyer will determine how best to use this evidence, but the only time you’ll have a chance to get them is at the time of the accident.

Not Getting Medical Care Quickly

It’s best to get checked out right away, but also a few days later because some injuries can take time to appear. If you sue, the defendant may argue that your pain is due to a pre-existing ailment rather than the accident. So, even if you don’t feel hurt, you should go to the doctor or hospital to get checked up on. Even if no symptoms of major internal damage appear right away, you want your medical records to reflect the accident. You may be concerned about the cost of medical care, yet it may be necessary for many circumstances.

If the police or EMTs offer to drive you to the hospital, accept even if you are able to drive yourself. You may unintentionally worsen your injuries, and refusing care may hinder your ability to sue for damages.

Not Tracking Accident-Related Costs

A crucial aspect of a truck accident case is proving your financial damages. So save any bills and receipts for prescription medicines, medical equipment, and physical therapy.

Signing the Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer

The insurance company will send you a settlement offer letter soon after the incident. While it may be tempting to sign right away, only consider this after consulting with a personal injury lawyer. Signing the letter says you accept the settlement and agree not to sue over the accident. Most of the time, the amount in the settlement offer letter is only enough to pay the vehicle damage and your medical expenditures. If you have major injuries that require continuous treatment, the insurance company’s settlement offer definitely won’t be enough.

Delayed Truck Accident Injury Lawsuits

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, the time restriction is usually irrelevant. But, there are statutes of limitations that impose certain deadlines on filing your case. If you miss the deadline, the court will not examine your lawsuit, even if you were permanently injured in the accident and the truck driver’s negligence was clear. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible following your accident, and they will help you satisfy all your legal deadlines.

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